How To Solo Gian Point and Other Railjack Missions

One of the larger grinds in Warframe is getting to level 10 in all four Intrinsics schools. The amount of intrinsics required doubles with every level, with level 10 requiring 512 intrinsics. While this seems like a massively daunting task, it is doable, just very slow. Over the recent Double Affinity weekend, I spent a lot of time playing Railjack to get those last few levels. But in doing so, I found that I had to regularly play on my own. This meant setting up my ship to be able to do everything myself.

At the end of the double affinity weekend, I was soloing these missions with ease. And now I’m going to tell you how to do it.

Warframe Requirements

Funnily enough, your Warframe requirements don’t matter too much. You do want to bring an Amesha though so you don’t get blown up while exiting your ship. Wukong is useful for the extra help from Celestial Twin, and invisibility frames are useful for passing through ships undetected. But really, you can bring whatever you want.

You should however bring Ciphers and a Specter. The Specter should be placed in the multi-level room where hull breaches normally occur and will help deal with enemies should you get hit by a Ramsled. Ciphers

Ship Requirements

Before you can solo Veil Proxima though, you do need a bit of setup.

When it comes to reactors and everything, you don’t need anything perfect. I managed to get my hands on a good Vidar reactor, but for a long time I was using a high Flux and Avionics capacity Larvan reactor. If you don’t mind being slow, you can skip engines completely, and the basic Sigma MK3 shield array will do the job.

As for turrets? I’m currently using a Zekti Carcinnox. But you don’t have to. The Sigma MK3 Carcinnox will do the job, it’ll just make missions longer, especially when picking off stragglers. You’ll also need a Tycho Seeker MK3.

And that’s not including the minimum level 7 intrinsics requirement to access Veil Proxima in the first place.

The Vital Intrinsics

Intrinsics are what makes this work. You need to obtain and max out Bulkhead (ship health), Hull Weave (ship armour) and Maxima (ship shields). You’ll definitely want to fully level up the Hyperstrike (turret damage) Avionic.

Forward Artillery (the Avionic that boosts the big cannon’s damage) should also be maxed out if you plan to use Forward Artillery to destroy Crew Ships. Polar Coil and Hyperflux are recommended to reduce turrets heating up, and give you extra Flux capacity so you can use Tether.

You only need one battle Avionic though, and that is Tether.

Tether is your Best Friend

Now here is how it all works. You use Tether in the biggest group of enemies you can. You then shoot the centre of Tether with your Carcinnox, which will then blow up most of the enemies. And even if it doesn’t kill everyone, it keeps the smaller ships off your back in general until you decide to deal with them. Tether should be enough to kill most enemies quickly and hold enemies in place for a few moments.

While the Tether holds fighters, you should aim to start shooting out the engines on the nearest Crew Ship. Once the three engines on the back are destroyed, the Crew Ship will stop shooting at you, although it may try to fire Ramsleds at you. I’d recommend shooting down Ramsleds, at least until you’ve cleared some space. If you get a shielded Crew Ship, lock on and fire an ordnance missile at it and the missle should destroy the shield.

Once you have killed off all of the fighters, you can deal with the Crew Ships properly.

Your Two Options

With everything else dead, you can take your sweet time killing Crew Ships. With the aforementioned Forward Artillery, you should be able to blow up the Crew Ships in one hit. The reason why you shoot out the engines not only stops Crew Ships from fighting back, but it stops them from running away and guarantees a one-hit kill. You can do this pretty quickly, but will need to hop back and forth from the Forge. I’d recommend firing using 2 Dome Charges before restocking, for reasons of efficiency, and spending the rest of your forge time refilling your Flux. By the time you get to the last Crew Ships, the Forge will be done anyway.

If you don’t have your Forward Artillery sorted out, you can simply use the Archwing Cannon to fire yourself onto a Crew Ship, rush in and blow up the reactor. This is where Ciphers come in handy, as you can instantly hack the console, blow up the reactor and use your Omni to return to your ship.

For maximum affinity gains, you can use a Warframe with sleep abilities (Ivara, Equinox, Baruuk) to put enemies to sleep and then do finisher moves on them before you blow up the reactor. It takes longer but it’s fun at least.

Crew Ships tend to spawn in groups of 1-3, but only 3-4 Crew Ships appear at any one time when in solo. This means that, when you have 4 drifting Crew Ships, destroying one will cause another to spawn. Deal with the new one before going back to the dead Crew Ships.

The Alternative

If you don’t have any of the requirements, then there IS an alternative that only requires the Sigma MK3 Carcinnox and a different Avionic – Particle Ram. With Particle Ram alone, you can easily demolish pretty much all enemies in Earth Proxima, and the lower level Crew Ships mean you can more easily shoot out their engines.

This isn’t as efficient as Veil Proxima, but it does earn you a good amount of Dirac, which can be used to better your ship.

Final Suggestions

Finally, while all of this works great for Gian Point, it also works great for other missions with secondary objectives. You just need to do things one step at a time.

I tend to use the following order: Fighters,  Anomaly, Objectives, Crew Ships. Firstly, I destroy all fighters first, I’ll destroy the engines of any nearby Crew Ships, then park my Railjack inside the Sentient Anomaly (if there is one) or really, really far away from the objective, and do the objective in Archwing. I can then return to my ship and finish off the Crew Ships at my own leisure.

As one last thing to keep in mind, bringing a Smeeta Kavat solo isn’t worth it. While Affinity Boosters work no matter what, Smeeta Kavats tend to not give any buffs while you are piloting. They rarely give the Affinity Buff unless you regularly get out of the Railjack to board Crew Ships. It’s not worth waiting around for the buff.

And that’s it!

Hopefully, with this guide, you’ll be soloing Veil Proxima in no time!


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