My Small-ish List of Things that Should NOT Happen to Weapons and their Stats, and why

Welcome to this, where I take a couple of community-suggested changes and discuss about how they could either slightly unbalance a weapon, completely break a weapon or even ruin a weapon.

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Number 1: Adding tracers to weapons other than Sniper primaries
Adding a tracer to anything but Sniper primaries should not happen.

When people see tracers, they think “oh, there’s a Sniper, I should stay out of his line of sight” but adding a tracer to anything but a Sniper Primary would cause people to confuse, for example, a Scout with a Sniper. You wouldn’t be able to tell which it is until you’re in their line of sight and, in turn dead because, guess what? It was a Sniper. But then what if it isn’t a Sniper? Then you’re sitting there behind a corner spending time you could be using to push the cart or cap the point, standing behind cover.

Number 2: Changing the Third Degree
Changing the Third Degree is a bad idea.

The Third Degree is a neat weapon. Hit a Medic, hit the fatass he’s healing, and vice versa, which can be used in conjunction with a kritzkrieg to take out an enemy Medic with full uber by just whacking his butt buddy once. Some people think it’s OP because it has no visible downside, while others want to buff it because it’s nearly useless. The downside to the Third Degree is that it’s a melee weapon. You have to get closer than usual to use it in full effect, and with whoever the Medic’s healing right there, it’s pretty risky.

Additional Notes:
Before you come in and say “you might as well just use your flamethrower if you’re that close,” think about a few situations. What if the medic is too far away to hit both his patient and him at the same time? If you’re that close to him anyway chances are his pocket (or even his team) is gonna see you and take you out without a second thought.

Number 3: Removing the drains from the Pomson
Nobody’s going to agree with me, but removing the drains from the Pomson is probably a bad idea.

Oh god, the Pomson. Everybody absolutely despises this weapon because it removes your cloak and ubercharge. But to be fairly honest, this isn’t the Engineer nor Valve’s fault. It is yours. It is your fault when you don’t pay enough attention. It is your fault when you let the Engineer get close to you. It is your fault for not doing your job and killing the Engineer in the first place. If he’s shooting you with it and you’re a Spy, you’ve been caught and it’s simply time to retreat, and as a Medic it can even be your entire team’s fault for not getting rid of it themselves. This weapon is designed to screw up 2 out of the 9 classes, but being a spy you can stealth your way in and just stab-’n’-sap your way in. On the other hand as a Medic you shouldn’t even be out in front of everyone anyway.

Additional Notes:
The entire reason we aren’t getting those Scout and Medic Grordbort sets is because people keep saying Grordbort weapons are unbalanced. This is the only real Grordbort weapon people have been complaining that it’s “omg ridiclkuous op nefr pls” nonstop since the Scout and Medic sets were revealed. Congratulations on that.

Number 4: Nerfing the Machina
Nerfing the Machina is a bad idea, and here’s why.

Don’t like to die in a specific way? Too bad.

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