In memory of “The thread that itsurblog”

All pictures this post by Gen DeGroot.

Friends, yesterday a great sadness fell upon the denizens of SPUF. A mainstay in the TF2 forum, a juggernaut of Biblical tendencies, a wretched hive of scum and villainy, is gone.

The thread that itsurblog has been locked.

At 5,843 replies, the thread far surpassed anything the TF2 forum had ever seen in its mere three months of life. It had a thriving community of its own and a long history of discussion. It housed character role-plays, thriving discussions on games and pop culture, erotic slash pairings of the regular posters, and on the rare occasion, something about Team Fortress 2.

As a thread regular myself, I’d learned about SPUFfers in a way I never could without it. It provided a venue for SPUFfers to get to know each other outside of the boundaries of the allowed discussion on Team Fortress 2, and silenced that weekly attempts by somebody to make an “official off-topic thread” or “Blog post thread” which were starting to get a bit annoying.

It will be missed by mostly everybody who participated in it regularly.

Some Stats on the Thread That Itsurblog

· It was started by user zekrom3112.
· It’s most prolific poster was “A 1970 Corvette”, who fittingly was also its last poster.
· The top five posters were A 1970 Corvette (711), Dr.EvilBrain (550), sirzippety56 (491), StormHarbinger (358), and XYTWO (326). XYTWO had over 60 posts more than sixth place.
· Only 6 users have replies numbered in the single, double, triple, and quadruple-digits: zekrom3112, stamda, Blk_Mge_Ctype, aabicus, Maxillaws, and Foxzet. Of the six, Foxzet has the fewest posts with only ten.
· The users who landed the X,000th posts were sirzippety56 (1000), StormHarbinger (2000), Doopliss2008 (3000), A 1970 Corvette (4000) and Mersopolis (5000). Though several users lay claim to each milestone as outrageous amounts of post deletion usually ensued around each one.

· Never once did a SPUF moderator or admin post in the thread.

It was more than just a thread. It was our thread. We supported it, contributed to it, it was a private forum where SPUFfers could hang their hats and just let loose. No matter who we were, it was a shared freedom for all. RIP in piece.

Hellfire X Wurm. Never forget.

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