Minuscule asymmetries in official maps that make a difference

Last time I wrote, I mentioned that the ramps on cp_orange_x3 were unevenly spaced apart from the spawn rooms, allowing BLU team to jump back into spawn from the railing but not RED team.

Well, I’ve since learned about a number of other extremely small differences between sides of supposedly symmetrical maps that favor one team over the other. Let’s go over some.

1. A patch of dirt on ctf_2fort. This is one of the most famous inconsistencies, so it deserves mention on the list. Something so small I bet most players who use this extremely popular map have never noticed this.

Can you see it?
Can you see it?

There is distinctly a hump of dirt on the ground in RED base that is not present in BLU base. This slight change in height makes it possible for Pyros to detonator jump through the open grate in the ceiling only in RED base. However, it’s harder to say whether it gives an advantage to RED or BLU. And Detonator pyros are just a single class with a specific unlock.

UPDATE: Reader FastCo has done some research and this jump is actually doable by both teams, it’s just more difficult on BLU side. However, he also found this to make up for it! Thanks FastCo!

2. cp_granary and the case of the missing lamp. You don’t have to be a veteran Where’s Waldo? fan to spot this one:

Demo Comparison

BLU has a lamp. RED doesn’t. BLU distinctly has the advantage in this case, since that lamp would only be useful for defensive classes like heavy to jump on to reach the far pipe.

By the way, this map’s inconsistencies go both ways: RED can defend 2nd point easier, because they have a thin ledge above the point that any medium-speed class can get to:

It is very hard to anybody to hit you from here without flanking.
It is very hard to anybody to hit you from here without flanking.

3. RED Soldier wants to know why you can’t defend cp_badlands Spire. Because he certainly can. Just bombard the enemy with whatever you like from here:

They really do look like maggots from up here.
They really do look like maggots from up here.

Unless you’re on BLU of course; the prop on that side is an open vent, making it impossible to stand up there.

4. A chip out of a rock on Viaduct. The middle control point of Viaduct. There are two rocks surrounding the middle point, next to signs. On BLU side, the rock has a chip behind the sign, letting any class (most usefully, heavy) stand on the chip. On RED side, the rock is smooth, so Heavy would slide off.

Hidden Heavy POV

Does this really give heavy that much cover?

Oh, wow.
Oh, wow.

And yes, he has complete range of motion and firing speed right there. He isn’t even crouched.

Of course, no map is perfectly symmetrical, and there are many other inconsistencies I couldn’t include. These are just the most notable ones I’ve found, most of which I’ve managed to put to good use in-game. If you know of any others, tell me about it; if I get enough we could publish a Part Two showing even more!

4 thoughts on “Minuscule asymmetries in official maps that make a difference

    • October 1, 2013 at 2:21 am

      Huh. I’d heard that you needed the Gas Jockey set to make that jump, and with its removal I assumed it was now impossible. I’ll look into this and edit the article if needed. Thanks for pointing that out!

      • October 1, 2013 at 1:09 pm

        I actualy went in game to try it and you can do the jump on both side of the map. Also, the Gas Jockey bonus helped you make longer jump, but didn’t really affect the height of the jump.

        There is actually 1 really difficult jump that can only be executed on the BLU side of 2fort. With good air-strafing, it’s possible to use the hanged tire on the outside of the BLU base to jump directly to the battlements.

        Here’s a vid showing the jump: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrlROhlyG_U

        Also, great article and the blog is an awesome idea.

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