The Guillotine Games!

You surely know the Scout. You probably know he’s a baseball fan from Boston. You may know his mom has been having some romantic visits from his co-worker. But did you know he has ties with the Chinese mafia? Or that he is actually just a very lonely guy that needs a hug?
Okay, that last part may not be true, but either way, the Red Sox, the Chinese mafia, and I are proud to present the upcoming event:

The First Annual Guillotine Games!
So what is this all about?You will be fighting with and against other scouts with this exact same loadout. Your only means to kill are Sandman balls or cleaver hits. Hit them in succession to gain a very satisfying instant kill. Way to duck, pallie!
Once you’ve thrown them both, however, you’re harmless until the recharge, so best start chasing those Sandman balls!We will be playing several map types: Koth, Arena and 5CP. Again, only killing with the aforementioned weapons!After that, we will play an individual tourney. In tense 1 on 1 matches it will become obvious who the better Scout is, who will then be fighting other winners, and in the end, only one remains: the victor of the First Annual Guillotine Games!
So sharpen your cleavers and swing your bats for the upcoming tournament, and be the Last Man… well, boy, Standing!

Cleavers will block out the sun!
Cleavers will block out the sun!

Surely there are some rules to this tourney?
The rules are as follows:
1) The only allowed weapons are the Flying Guillotine and the Sandman ball. No other secondaries or melee weapons.
2) No meleeing with the Sandman.
3) No medikits or any other form of healing. Damage done is damage done.
4) You can choose whatever primary you like, except the Soda Popper.
5) No random crits.

That sounds awesome! Tell me more!

For a tournament mode that sounds very simple, it has a surprisingly big meta. You have to keep track of one fluctuating timer (the Sandman) and one steady timer (the cleaver). But it’s not only yours you have to keep track of, also your opponent’s!Furthermore, there’s your own position, your enemy’s position, and possible Sandman balls lying on the field to keep track of, to give you an extra shot at your opponent. Also, what secondary are you going to use? Stock is ol’ reliable, but the with the Baby Face’s Blaster it can be very hard to predict your movement!Also, are you going to spam your projectiles when they come off cooldown or wait to get the magical DING-DONG of a 150 cleaver? Are you going to run for that ball or are you going to let your opponent, just to be able to predict his movement?

Of course, you can take this as seriously as you like. Above all else, it’s super intense and a very fun thing to do!

So, when do I start?

The event is 19:00 GMT (there are sites that let you calculate how late that is in your timezone) the 23th of November, on our very own SPUF server!

If you want to participate, be there at 19:00 and if you can, leave a response here or in the thread on SPUF, and I’ll be waiting for you with cleaver and ball in hand, knucklehead!

Are you up for the challenge? Picture by Gen. DeGroot.
Are you up for the challenge? Picture by Gen. DeGroot.

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