Observations on Killstreak Weapons

On the 21st of November, the Two Cities update shipped. With it came two new Mann Versus Machine maps, Mannhattan and Rottenburg, much-needed class buffs for the mode, and some fancy-schmancy new cosmetic gimmicks. Completing the Two Cities tour nets you a “Killstreak Kit” for a random weapon, and according to what I’ve heard (unfortunately I have yet to actually beat a single mission), a couple random “Specialized/Professional Killstreak Fabricators”, which can be completed using the pieces of robot scraps found by completing missions. Being the owner of two of these, I would like to make known some truths about these weapons.

A glowing space gun! Picture by stamda.

Using a Killstreak Kit of any kind does not wipe names and descriptions, nor does it reset Strange counters.

Wouldn’t it be a real bummer to try to make your beloved weapon track killstreaks and/or make it nice and shiny, only to have all of your work and customizations obliterated? Valve absolutely would have had to seriously mess up or have a nasty bout of oversight to have this be how it works. Yes, it just immediately applies the effect and all other qualities of your weapon are maintained.

The killstreak counter on your HUD is shared by all of your Killstreak weapons. In the killfeed, their individual kills are maintained.

I have two killstreak-counting weapons for my Heavy. I get 3 kills with my Family Business and then 2 with my Killing Gloves of Boxing. The HUD’s killstreak counter will hit 5 and the message will be broadcast of my fifth kill. However, on the killfeed, it will read that I got my 1st and 2nd KGB kills. I then get another Family Business kill, and it displays that I got my 4th kill with it.


So, I could have gotten all the kills to get this gleam from my Cowmanglering.

Specialized weapon shimmer caps in frequency at 5 kills. Professional weapon eye effects begin at 5 kills and intensify at 10.

I’m holding a Specialized weapon out with zero kills. It shimmers about once every 8-10 seconds or so. I go out and get 5 kills and it shimmers about once every 2 seconds, and doesn’t increase in frequency beyond that. At a trade server, I observed a fellow Heavy with a Professional Killstreak Brass Beast spawncamp the enemy team. Once he reached 5 kills, his eyes began to give off a sort of a glowing light effect. Upon hitting 10, his eyes erupted with a torrent of yellow smoke. I continue watching past his 15th and 20th kills, and his eyes didn’t change.
And several little tidbits that don’t require in-depth explanation:

-Shimmer frequency is shared with all Killstreak weapons, essentially meaning they simply use your HUD total.
-Even if not maxed, taunting with a Specialized Killstreak weapon out will have it shimmer just as fast as if it was maxed. This may be a bug.
-Weapon shimmer is illuminated and fully visible in dark lighting.

Currently Festives and Botkillers cannot accept killstreak kits for their relevant weapons. I will play my Uberfiddle sadly in the streets until Valve patches this. Picture by aabicus.

Hope these little pointers are of use! Have fun killing and streaking!

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