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Smissmas is coming. *badum tss*

And if you don’t remember the previous Strange Parts Post, clickity.

First Archimedes,now Foppish. My past self was really lucky when he chose his Medic cosmetics. Pixel art obtained from g
First Archimedes, now Foppish. aabicus’ past self was really lucky when he chose his favorite Medic cosmetics. Pixel art obtained from AG’s Pixelize Yourself.

I’m a Strange Item fanatic. I love showing off how many kills I’ve got with this weapon or that one. Or recently, how many points I have with this and that class (“InstaCakes is credit to team!”) and in general (Strange Speks!).

So I was thinking: Some weapons aren’t Strange yet. Some are Strange Festive, but not plain Strange (Buff Banner! Sandvich!). Some are Strange and deserve to be Festive (I WANT A STRANGE FESTIVE SHOTGUN!). And then there are cool ideas for Strange Parts that no-one has thought of yet, and Strange Parts everyone has thought of but not added. For example, why is there a “Robot Spies Destroyed” part and “Cloaked Spies Killed” part but no plain “Spies Killed” part  but Spies Killed has only been added with the latest update? Why isn’t there a Strange High-Five yet?

Valve is doing pretty well with these moneysinks, and to an extent so is the economy. What with the Chemistry Sets for Misc Strangifiers, Collector’s Weapons (and hats), the Killstreak Kits, and now with MvM’s Australium Weapons. (re: 5.5k for a Golden Frying Pan on Outpost). But I think they should focus on having every weapon available in Strange format. I like how some weapons come with their own special counters (notably Crate #60, with the Disciplinary Action’s “Allies Whipped” and the Loose Cannon’s “Double Donks”) – and I’m thinking Valve could roll with that sort of thing. I’m thinking have the Southern Hospitality come with a Sentry Kills Part (even though I have a Strange PDA already), the Rescue Ranger having Buildings Teleported and Damage Repaired as parts, the Vaccinator with Damage Blocked (and Ubers as a part, the main counter being Kill Assists like the Kritz – otherwise it’s too easy to farm with it’s Ubercharge system), and so on.

Also, speaking of Strange Parts, the new ones are out. There are weapon-based ones, such as the one I mentioned earlier, Spies Killed. No need for them to be robots or cloaked. There’s also Point-Blank Kills, something shotgunners and quick-scopers will like indeed; Unusual-Wearing Player Kills, for the Unusual-Hat-haters; Burning Enemy Kills, which I see as being a cheaper Crit Kills part for Flare/Axtinguisher Pyros; Damage Dealt, for high-damage classes like Demoman and Heavy or the ridiculously weak weapons like the Fan o’War, the cheapest rare-crate Strange to date (5 ref – ouch!); and Allied Healing Done (Is that the Medic and aabicus I hear cheering in the distance?). Oh, and Killstreaks Ended, but not many people are gonna care about that.

And then there’s Strange Misc parts. My turn to cheer. We have Freezecam Taunt Appearances (bought it off the market today!), which counts the times they appear on you while you taunt in freezecams; and Fires Survived, which counts the times you live after being lit up, something my Spy and Medic will like.


Valve needs to go back in time and give this Pyro a free "Killcam Taunts" Strange part. Picture by lord_beklanaze.
Valve needs to go back in time and give this Pyro a free “Killcam Taunts” strange part. Picture by lord_beklanaze.

What next, Valve? Personally, I’d like more Strange Misc parts and Strange weapons – so long as it isn’t another warehouse-full of hats. I wouldn’t mind more hats if there were added in proportion of the Fall Crates (which was 20-ish), but not like this Halloween (100+ hats, all Halloween-only – some of them deserved to be without restrictions, too). I’m also looking forward to the new weapons in the End of the Line update.

What are YOU looking forward to? InstaCakes out.

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