What is your opinion on each of the Paints in TF2?

"Oh come on, that's just stupid!"
“Oh come on, that’s just stupid!”

Aabicus: I think it’s a cool idea, as I always like further ability to customize. Unfortunately, I’m such a stickler there aren’t many paints I use personally. I’ve got a real thing for White paint, I find it looks good on a lot of loadouts. Other than that very little of my stuff is painted. Instead, I find myself drawn to the default colors of most cosmetics. But I don’t discriminate based on garish hues. As a matter of fact, I’m more likely to heal those people and trust them because they’ve shelled out the dosh for paint and probably know how to play the game better (of course this isn’t a certainty, but on the battlefield a Medic’s got to make snap decisions, and discrimination can save my life).

Medic: I don’t like paints. Not at all. They just seem so tacky and ugly. While I don’t mind the team-based paints, like Team Spirit and Balaclavas are Forever, even the less in-your-face paints like black and that pinky white colour that everyone confuses with a Distinct Lack of Tinge or whatever it’s called simply annoy me. Plus, most cosmetics look better without paint. Of course, that’s just my opinion, but oh well. Maybe I’m just a purist, but fancy colours are simply distracting.

Alright, let’s be fair, I AM a purist. For all the Medic hats I own, I never wear any.

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