“Demoknight, Thou Shalt Not Increase Thine Turn Radius”

Picture by Mr Marine from his guide to Demoknighting.
Demoknights were dealt a painful blow today. Picture by Mr Marine from his guide to Demoknighting.

The balancing eyes of Valve, having recently fixed the first of two ways to increase your shield charge degree, have now gone ahead and nerfed out the ability to bypass the restriction with a controller too. This means that there is no way whatsoever to increase your turning radius beyond equipping the Ali Baba’s Wee Booties, and even then I cannot notice a difference with those things on.

This has basically removed what little skill indexing Demoknight has. Many people (myself included) never saw why increased turning ability was somehow overpowered, considering you’re giving up the ludicrously powerful Sticky Launcher in return for slight damage resistances and a shield bash that constantly needs to recharge. But apparently it was.

Guess it's time to play Demoknight the way Valve meant it to be played.
Guess it’s time to play Demoknight the way Valve meant it to be played. Picture from Veloxenium’s guide to Cannonknighting.

Now, this doesn’t personally affect my ability to play anything; I never felt like going out and buying a 40-dollar controller just for a single loadout on a single character class in a single game, and besides I play Sticky Jumper all the time anyway. But I knew a number of legendarily good Demoknights (one of whom I interviewed) who basically have had their favorite class removed from TF2, and considering they weren’t overpowered I don’t find this particularly fair. In my opinion a better compromise would be to add that flexible turn radius to regular mouse-and-keyboard demoknight, so everyone can play on an even playing field.

First they nerf Sticky Jumper, now shields. You better look out, Scottish Resistance. Clearly you are now the most overpowered Demoman secondary.


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