Remembering Past Successes – Medic’s Moments of Awesomeness

For all the times I’ve gone on about how crap I am at Team Fortress 2, I’ve actually had quite a few epic moments, more than you’d expect for a random Medic with a sugar addiction and a writing problem. Many of which have been as Medic. So let’s go all countdown-y and story-telling-y and listen to me brag about myself. Because I feel I should be able to brag about myself, once in a blue moon.

6. Finishing off Horseless Headless Horsemann Jr
A long time ago, back when Arena Mode was dying down, I started playing Versus Saxton Hale. I always hated playing as Hale, but enjoyed the frantic-ness of playing as a Medic. Many VSH servers have buffs to individual classes, in Medic’s case, he gets Uber on hit with any weapon, and his Medi Gun is replaced with a Kritz/Uber combo that charges faster than the Quick-Fix.

Somehow, I ended up being the last person alive on Sawmill, having wandered into the caves to one side, and the person I was healing announcing that he was going to rocket jump and goomba-stomp the boss, despite my cries of “nooooo, you’ll die!” He died anyway. I was lucky enough to already have full Uber, so I ended up spending two minutes being chased around the map by a Horsemann who was desperate to jump on my head. Eventually, after grabbing every single ammo kit in the map and Uberchaining with myself, he walked into the saws and died.

Thank heavens for the Overdose though, because otherwise that would not have worked. The bosses always have scaling speed depending on how much health they have, with nearly Scout speed before they die.

5. Winning a 5v6 in the Matchmaking Beta
I honestly should play more of the matchmaking beta, especially since I still have a pass to give away and it’s what all the cool kids do. But there’s things that piss me off, like people leaving to invalidate your wins. Still, I’ve played a little, mostly with Puffs and Davjo. I’m not a fan of Foundry, I feel it’s too big, but it’s what we got. Davjo was doing his normal messing around and a Soldier on our team said he was tired of losing constantly. He left after the enemy team won the first round, rendering it a 5v6, which, ironically, if he’d not left, would have won.

But we decided to stick around. The remaining players, apart from me and Davjo, were a Soldier, a Scout and a struggling Heavy. I grabbed my mic and started being a leader. With Davjo as Pyro and the Heavy as a backup pocket, we coordinated ourselves and won the second round after a wipe at their second. The last match was tougher, with more back and forth and more on stake (despite the win being invalidated anyway!) but amazingly, with calls on when to pull back and attack, and our Scout really getting into it, we pulled though and came out victorious!

Remember kids, teamwork and coordination win games.

4. Sheer awesomeness on Sinshine
More recent top plays of mine are less and less common since I play less and less. And while blowing up five people with a single pumpkin on Moonshine and instafilling my current contract is impressive, it’s not as impressive as the sheer consistent skill I showed one day on a community Sinshine server. Apparently it was an unofficial UGC server, running Halloween maps. It was mostly on Sinshine, and every time I joined over Scream Fortress, it always happened to switch to Sinshine soon after I joined. No wonder, it was the most balanced map.

But anyway, I’m not sure what happened. There were a few people on mics on each team, so I joined in too. Before I knew it, I was coordinating pushes, making calls and surfing explosions like a Gold player. It was one of those few times where I was the amazing person I generally am not. Things got weirder though when Vintage Keith joined me. I managed to end up alone and picked up a critical candy. I then proceeded to go on a killing spree, taking out 4 people and capping before finally being killed by a Heavy. Crit Overdose 1, Unusual-toting Scouts 0.

3. My first official competitive match
This one was fun, on the map Stallone. I’ve covered this before, and you can read it here, but I feel it’s definitely worth mentioning. Part of me feels bad that we managed to stomp them so hard, even when it was a 3v4 fight, but it was a nice confidence boost that gave me the strength to play the whole season.

2. Offblast and the SPUF Arena Respawn event
The SPUF Arena Respawn event was mostly a thing to check out the custom arena game mode, and also an excuse for Confusion, myself and the rest of the SPUF EU team to practice before the shortest competitive match ever. But while Retrospective 2 was shit, we had a lot of fun as a SPUFFY whole.

There wasn’t a great selection of maps. Most of the time we were on Nucleus, and with most of SPUF being either Pyro mains, Scout mains or Sniper mains, it was not a fun time for little Medic. We played through a couple of rounds on various maps. Then Offblast appeared as the next map. I switched to Pyro and we started playing.

Suddenly, I went from bottom-scoring noob to top-scoring ball of fire, killing everyone in sight. It wasn’t a fluke either, I was genuinely carrying my team. How? Map sense. Offblast is one of those maps that I simply get, I know all the nooks and crannies and where people hide. I was also a douchebag and spent a lot of time airblasting people off cliffs, as I knew to stick to the walls as much as possible. I WISH I had a demo of that game, or at least some screenshots or something, anything as a memento of that brief moment of awesomeness.

1. Winning a 1v3 fight in Arena Mode with the Vita-Saw
I’ve gone on about this story so many times. Although not nearly as much as I’ve told my story about saving the Free To Play Heavy from the evil Spy and Sniper. But to this day, it still gives me that awesome feeling, just by thinking about it.

It all happened on Badlands, the Arena version. It was 2v4, and my Soldier pocket and an enemy Soldier managed to kill each other at the same time. Double crits and everything. Was lucky I didn’t die then and there. So I’m on my own, and my first move is to syringe-gun a Sniper to death. I then get chased from under the bridge to the little water puddle near Spire by a Pyro, slowly killing him with more syringes. He dies eventually and I reload, just as a panicked Spy shows his head around the corner where the point is and decides to try and cap, rather than fight 1v1 against a badly injured Medic who is low on ammo.

So over I go, slowly regenerating health. I 1v1 the snake on the control point. My health drops to 40 and I know one more shot will kill me, but he falls before I do and I win the round. The chat is all like “HOLY FUCK!” and “Woo that was intense!” Never felt so awesome in a video game ever. And to top it all off, I had the Vita-Saw equipped for some reason.

Anyway, that’s enough about me. I’m sure you’ve had some awesome TF2 moments, why don’t you tell us about them in the comments?

And don’t forget, crit syringes are fucking terrifying.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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