On Making Your Warframes Look Like Sexy People In Armour

Let’s be honest. A lot of Warframes aren’t exactly pretty to look at. They’re vaguely humanoid but apart from that, it’s a mess of armour and lumps and bits and pieces. It’s incredibly difficult to make a Warframe look traditionally sexy. But it’s not impossible.

The most infamous way of showing skin.
The most infamous way of showing skin.

The best way to make a Warframe into a sexy person is to use a handful of skins and a handful of colours. Unfortunately, the most human-like skins are generally Tennogen. The most famous sexy skin is the Stinger Tennogen skin for Nova, which makes her look like she’s wearing some sort of latex suit and is absolutely gorgeous. Valkyr also has a couple of Tennogen skins that achieve a similar effect. Good frames for this are Nova, Mag, Valkyr and other Warframes that almost look like body suits in the first place. The more slender female frames in particular.

For non-Tennogen items, your best bet for sexy frames are Saryn and Mirage Prime. Saryn is the epitome of sexy curvy edges, big breasts and thick hips. The base Saryn skin already has quite a humanoid shape, and her lumps could be seen as some sort of body suit or very, very thick swimming costume. Normal Mirage is not particularly attractive, but Mirage Prime is one of the prettiest frames in the game, and human skin tone colours work really nicely on her.

Mirage Prime from behind.
Mirage Prime from behind.

There are several colours you can use, but the most humanoid ones are found on the Valentine colour palette, which is available every Valentines Day (as the name suggests). Luckily, the other best palette for skin tone colours is the Twilight palette, which is available for 75 platinum. There is also the Ki’Teer palette, which is available from Baro Ki’Teer (again as the name suggests) but these are more chocolate brown than skin tone brown, while many of the other palettes generally tend to go too orange, yellow or pink. Generally you’ll find though that some areas will look weird, no matter where you put your skin tone colours.

There’s a small caveat here. None of this works on male Warframes. Many of the male frames are much, much bulkier and heavily armoured compared to their female counterparts. Their shapes tend to be much pointier and lumpier than female frames. Even the skinnier frames like Volt, Nezha and Loki, they are all somewhat wrapped in clothing or armour plating, so the whole skin-showing thing is kinda lost.


Fun fact: There were originally plans for there to be male and female versions of every Warframe, and there’s interesting concept art and models of a female Ash and a male Ember. I think we can all agree that female Ember is better, right?

But yeah, unfortunately, if you want sexy, traditional, skin-showing sexy, then Warframe’s a bit of a toughie. It’s doable, and when it works, it looks amazing, but it’s rather expensive.

If you want naked, sexy humans, you’re better off with one of aabicus’s lists of games. Or just go for Skyrim, which has something for everyone, and has almost everything when it comes to sexy, naked and nearly naked ladies.


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