It is time… Gunslingers versus Highlanders! Season 3!

TEXAS GUNSLINGER MASSACRE PART 3 9 Gunslinger Engies vs the 9 classes of Team Fortress 2! demoknight is a class In previous seasons, (season 1 season 2) both the Highlanders and Gunslingers each have won once. But this year, there’s a twist! Gunslinger has been nerfed! Can the Gunslingers still pull a victory? Let us find out in Season 3! MAPS: PAYLOAD: Upward 5CP: Process KOTH: Lakeside CTF: If we get to it, Turbine FREE ROUND: ??? DETAILS OF EVENT: DATE: October 5th, 2013 TIME: 7 PM GMT (11 am PST, 2 pm EST) WHERE: SPUF Server Custom Sign up… [Continue Reading]

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