Gunslingers Vs Highlanders! Season 3 Results

Gunslingers VS Highlanders, winners all round... Picture by Medic
Gunslingers VS Highlanders, winners all round… Picture by Medic

In previous Seasons, (Season 1 Season 2) the Gunslingers and Highlanders  have duked it out in an all-out war against which side would win. In Season 1, Highlanders won. In Season 2, Gunslingers won. Season 3 would be the tiebreaker as to which side would pull ahead over the other teams.

However, there’s a twist this Season. On July 10th, the Gunslinger was nerfed! It no longer regens while it builds! Can this cost the Gunslingers a win? Let’s see the results then!

Maps Played:

Upward: Gunslingers win! The Highlanders was never even able to make it to the first point while Gunslingers pushed the cart all the way!

Process: Gunslingers win! Process was very unorganized due to the server being so derpy, but in the end, the team that had the most points capped won, which was the Gunslingers!

Lakeside Event: Highlanders win! The Wheel of Fate made the game very interesting to watch, with low gravity and high jumps favoring engies that allowed them to build in high spots, while all crits favored the Highlanders very much, especially when the Heavy got his crits… terrifying.

Turbine: Highlanders win! The Highlanders pulled it together in the final map and won with caps to spare!

Overall: The Season overall is a tie! Both teams voted to have the Season go to a tie and not to do a 5th map! And thus, the teams are still evenly matched! Who’ll pull ahead next Season? Find out (somewhat) soon!

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