How to annoy Enemy Snipers.

What's the best way to piss off a Sniper?
What’s the best way to piss off a Sniper?

Snipers. A lot of people don’t like them. Understandably so, considering that Sniper is the only class that can not only attack enemies at any range, but instakill them with said range as well. That being said this article isn’t about the Sniper himself, but how to make their lives miserable as payback for all the times you fell victim from afar to the Australian Assassin.

Before we get into the crux of this article though, let’s take a close look at the most likely victims of this Crazed Gunman:

Medic: Medic is undeniably the most important class in the game. With the ability to heal, buff, and uber teammates, he can easily turn the tide of game, which is all the more reason for Snipers to take them down as soon as they get the chance to.

Heavy: He’s no medic, but that doesn’t make him any less dangerous. With the ability to mow down foes with ease thanks to his minigun in addition to having the highest hp in the game, the Heavy is a force to be reckoned with. As a result of this though, he’s incredibly slow when compared to other classes, in addition to having a much larger hitbox (those Sandviches have to go somewhere), meaning that killing a Heavy as a Sniper takes just much effort and skill as killing anything as a Heavy.

Sniper: If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. As a result of being the only class that has infinite range in addition to being able to one-hit kill anything within said range, the only mercenary that stands a fair chance against a Sniper is another Sniper. Because of this information, Snipers will want to focus on any opposing Aussies before going down the hierarchy of people they want to meet.


1. Vaccinator Medic:  The Vaccinator’s uber gives you and your patient 75% to either bullet, explosive, or fire damage, in addition to nullifying any crits from said damage type.

This means that when facing a pocket vaccinated against bullets, the maximum amount of damage a sniper rifle can inflict upon is even less of that than a quickscope, and quickscopes themselves even less damage than a noscope. You can do this with or without a pocket, but it might a better idea to go with the former, especially at a range where his teammates are unlikely to be.  Pocket other important picks for maximum irritation.

2. Fists Of Steel Heavy: The Heavies slow speed and large hitbox can be alleviated thanks to the Fists Of Steel. Like The Vaccinator, the Fists Of Steel also reduce damage, but only by 40%. Combine this with the Heavy’s large health pool and the Heavy becomes even more of a tank than he already is.

For maximum irritation, use in conjunction with the Dalokoh’s Bar or Sandvich.

Don't run, it's just steel!
Don’t run, it’s just steel!

3. Dead Ringer Spy (YER Spies need not apply): Following the theme of damage reducing weapons, the Dead Ringer is a special case: it’s a cloak replacement for the Spy that in addition to reducing enemy damage, allows you to feign death. Since the Mother-Loving Frenchman isn’t that high of a target on the Sniper’s To-Meet List due to his cunning abilities, disguise as a friendly Sniper instead and just act like a normal pub sniper while you have the dead ringer active (ie stand still).

Because Snipers will want to kill Snipers as soon as possible, the Sniper will likely have no suspicion that you’re actually a Spy when they headshot you, meaning you can do this trick again and again, with the Sniper probably just thinking you’re a typical Sniper. If he stops falling for this trick though…

4. Sniper: Switch to a real Sniper, or get a Sniper to take your place.


There are other ways to annoy snipers, but these “4” are the ones I personally consider the most effective. You’re more than free to post your own below in the comments.

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