SPUF Goes to Hawaii

Recently I learned, to my astonishment, that the other people on SPUF actually consist of more than usernames and bodiless personalities.

On October 7th my newlywed wife and I departed on a honeymoon cruise to Hawaii, and on the 16th visited the district of Kona. There, I met up with SPUF’s spy master and Stormy Storm Team Captain-rocker Captain Blades!

Turns out the Macho Mann exists as well. Who knew? I’m the one in the middle with his fly down because I hadn’t learned this trick yet.

The Captain gave us a private tour of the island, which was awesome because we hadn’t the forethought to sign up for any of the guided tours. We couldn’t visit any of the national parks because the American Government was shut down for what I’m sure were very excellent reasons, but we still saw many of the beautiful sites Kona had to offer!

The famous statue of King Kamehameha. Picture by a woman who snapped her own forehead in all the other takes.

Blades even took us to amazing places the official tours might as missed, such as a snow cone shop and ridiculously overstocked candy store!

Someone tell my wife I’m not coming home.
People come far and wide to see this picture of a picture of a lava flow. The real one was closed, thanks Obama!

We spent a decent part of the trip holding stupid TF2 poses while convincing people to snap the camera for us.

Maggots! This was in a Japanese zen garden, which had a really lovely water bridge you’ll see in the next picture.
“Slap my hand!” I gib myself seconds after this picture was taken.
This picture was intentionally taken out of focus to symbolize Demoman’s drunkenness. Let’s go with that.
Blades recreating what I see 75% of the time I’m playing TF2 against him.
Now that’s what I call an action taunt! HAHAHA-I’ll shut up now.

All in all the Kona trip was definitely the highlight of our Hawaii honeymoon. Especially the part where I wisely leave my wedding ring in a bathroom at Starbucks. Luckily I’d invested in Blades insurance.

This was the first time I’d ever met an online-only friend, and it was a great experience. I’m not sure if I’ll get the chance to meet any other SPUFers in real life, but if the opportunity presents itself I’ll definitely take it!

Thanks for hosting us Captain Blades! And for not making off with my ring; those are worth multiple buds, you know.

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  • November 12, 2013 at 5:44 am


    It is nice to see that the people on SPUF are actual people and not bots or figments of my imagination, as I have suspected on many an occasion.

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