On Volt’s Sexy Not Sexy New Skin

So Volt finally got to join the ranks of his fellow been-there-from-the-start Warframes in the I-have-an-extra-fancy-skin department. Kinda. Unlike Mag, Ember, Nekros, Trinity, Rhino and all that, Volt didn’t get a nice Deluxe skin. No, Volt became the third member of the Proto Skin family. Except his new skin still doesn’t fit there. The two proto skins for Excalibur and Nyx are basically assets from Digital Extremes’ game Dark Sector, redone and amplified to fit the Warframe theme. Proto Excalibur has a skin based on the protagonist Hayden Tenno, while Nyx appears as Nemesis, which I assume is one of… [Continue Reading]

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