A Series of Unlikely Gaming Stories 3 – The Shielded Volt

“What is wrong, sir? You look glum today! Was your mission not a success?” Ordis asked as the Operator returned to his ship, wearing his Rhino Warframe, laced in elegant Orokin gold. “I thought Lotus was pleased with your work!” “It’s… nothing…” the Operator sighed. “Just… nothing…” “Clearly it is something!” Ordis protested. “Please, Operator, let Ordis help you! Ordis is always happy to serve!” The Operator tutted, then sat himself in front of his Codex, browsing the data he’d discovered about Grineer. “Since when did the Grineer have Nullifiers over their Formorian cores? Was that a new thing? I… [Continue Reading]

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