Some More Warframe Tips and Advice

I’ve written about tips for new Warframe players in the past, but that was more of a starter guide. There’s so many tips and little things out there for you to learn, that they don’t all fit in one article. So here’s another list of Warframe tips and tricks, this time covering information for newbies and older players alike. I mean, after a thousand hours of playing, there’s still more things to discover.


Firstly, there are two codes available right now for free weapons. These can be redeemed in the Market in Warframe by clicking Redeem Code, or by redeeming them on the Warframe website. FREESWORD gives you a free Heat Sword, which isn’t a great weapon, but it comes with a free potato installed, meaning it has a capacity of 60 instead of 30. The second code is FN6B-8RML-MLH6-GM2N, as posted on Twitter, and grants you the Vectis sniper rifle and a skin. The Vectis is a very good sniper rifle that deals great damage but only has a clip of one. Again, it comes with a potato, giving it 60 capacity. You can use both of these codes even if you do not have any spare slots, as all promo weapons come with their own weapon slots. I don’t know how long these codes will last for, but grab them while you can.

Volt using the Lenz
The Lenz, a weapon that builds for Critical Chance rather than Status

Alright, weapons in general tend to fall into two main categories: critical chance weapons and status chance weapons. When you build a weapon, you want to have a look at its base stats and see which is higher, status chance or critical chance, and mod your weapon towards the higher stat.

With critical chance, outside of melee, there is normally only a handful of mods that increase the stat. Melee weapons get higher critical damage by doing a string of attacks (a combo) and constantly hitting enemies, so combined with a mod like Blood Rush (which increases critical chance based on combo) and Body Count (which increases the time you have before your combo expires) help massively.

With status weapons, ideally you want to focus on mods that have give +60% status chance and +60% elemental damage. The mods that only give status chance are essentially worthless as a single status chance/elemental mod will give you far more stats for the amount of space it uses.

It’s worth mentioning that Multishot is always good to use, no matter whether a weapon is crit- or status-based. I mean, who doesn’t want a chance to fire two bullets instead of one?

When it comes to what weapons are strongest, currently it’s a tie between melee weapons and shotguns, but really a lot of weapons can be made strong enough to do the majority of the game, by using riven mods. When using riven mods, you want to aim for +status chance for weapons with 25% or more Status chance, +critical chance on weapons with 25% or more critical chance, and +multishot (for guns), +crit chance on slide attacks (for melees) and +damage in general.


If you’re still a newbie, then I’d recommend avoiding the Howl of the Kubrow quest, since it’ll cost you at least 100,000 credits to complete, and you’re stuck with a dog that is hard to use, can’t be used alongside your trusty sentinel and decays over time. Luckily you can put your Kubrow into stasis and it won’t decay at all.

Frost isn't as much a fan of Kubrows as Volt and Loki are.
Frost doesn’t really like dogs, but Lotus asked for a picture, so he obliged.


If you’re going to get a pet, before you do so, get the Nutrio Incubator Upgrade. It’s available from your Clan Dojo, costs one argon, one incubator power core and 1,200 Oxium and takes 12 hours to build. It is expensive, but it is worth it, as the Nutrio upgrade will not only make DNA stabilizers last twice as long, but it reduces the time to breed a new pet, it allows you to rush their recovery from stasis using 10,000 credits rather than using platinum, AND the upgrade will put your pet into stasis if it’s close to death. The Nutrio Incubator Upgrade SAVES LIVES!

As to what pet you want, depends on what you want to do. Kubrows are easier to get and tankier, but Kavats are generally more useful. The Helminth Charger is alright, but you can turn it into an Infested Charger using the Degenerate skin, available on the market.

Kubrows and Kavats can be ugly as fuck, but luckily, there’s plenty of cosmetics that cost credits only. There is a colour palette pack available for 160,000 credits in the market, and the beast tamer on Cetus will trade awesome skins for basic Plains of Eidolon resources.

Pets can only be customized when they are adults, but young pets remain immortal forever and can be kept on your ship with no DNA stabilizer requirements for as long as you want.


Everyone needs resources to build things. But what happens when you run out? You go and get some more.

There are a lot of different places to get different resources. When you check your star map in Navigation and select a planet, an icon in the bottom right hand corner can be hovered over and will inform you of the resources that planet drops, from most to least common.

"Don't mind me, just taking this as a souvenir..."
“Don’t mind me, just taking this as a souvenir…”

Resources are best farmed with other players, as the more enemies there are, the more loot there will be. Survival missions are generally your best bet for common resources, while Excavation and Spy missions are both very good for finding relics.

Bringing a Nekros, or Hydroid or Atlas with the right augments, is always a good way at getting more loot, as they all have a chance of increasing or ‘rerolling’ the chance to drop common resources. Ivara can use her invisibility to pickpocket enemies without alerting them.

Resource Boosters will double almost anything apart from mods, credit caches and Ayatan stars and sculptures, or the reward for a mission (e.g. relics, endo). This includes things like Kuva from Kuva Siphon and Flood missions, as well as fish, gems and materials from the Plains of Eidolon. On a related note, Affinity Boosters also increase experience earned for Syndicates and Focus. Credit Boosters double any credits you earn, apart from credit caches, and the booster stacks with your first win of the day, meaning a first mission on Seimeni can get you 80,000 credits minimum.

Where can I farm for things?

A solo player might use any old node to farm for money and resources and even potentially mods, but Warframes are stronger in numbers, and more Warframes means more loot.

Volt Prime on Seimeni, Ceres
Apparently this tileset was the home of one of the best experience farms ever. But it no longer exists. Still, Seimeni, Ceres, is still a good spot for credits and Orokin Cells.

For resources in general, survivals are best, with people using Ophelia on Uranus for Polymer Bundles and Draco on Ceres for Orokin Cells, two resources that are easy to run out of.

There are several places where one can level up quickly. Hydron on Sedna and Akkad on Eris are best for somewhat quick matchmaking, you can just jump in with your weapons and hope for the best. Akkad is slower but easier than Hydron because it’s infested rather than Grineer, and is also a Dark Sector, meaning extra money. Most people tend to do 20 waves, so be prepared to stay for a bit. Berehynia (often just called Bere) is an Interception mission that gives good experience, but requires a coordinated team, including a Banshee.

Io and Helene on Jupiter and Saturn respectively are also good places to farm for experience. Helene is basically an easier Hydron but with slower affinity gains and a chance to find Orokin Cells. Io is a good multipurpose farm for experience, relics and Oxium.

When it comes to Credits, there are several options. You can get 100,000 credits a day if you do the daily Sorties (20k for the first mission, 30k for the second, 50k for the last mission) but that requires completing the War Within.The Index is also a very good place to earn money, but requires you to already have money to ‘wager’, and there is a chance to lose your money if you get unlucky with enemies or team mates.

Dark Sector missions will offer you anywhere between 10,000 and 20,000 credits. The outlier here is Heiracon, an Excavation node on Pluto, which will give you 25,000 credits for finishing one single excavator. Many people use Heiracon as a solo farming node, as that one excavator can also get you a good Neo relic or 400 endo, making it an efficient endo farm.

Another place to farm endo is by doing the weekly missions for Maroo on Mars, filling your reward with Ayatan stars and selling it back to Maroo, or doing the higher level Rathuum arena missions and making sure you pick up all the loot.

Ask Chat!

My last tip is really simple. If you need help with something, ask chat. Ask Region Chat if you have a simple question, and ask Recruiting Chat if you need help with a specific mission or with farming. But if you need a price for trading, you’re better off using a trading site like for normal items and Warframe Trader for riven mods.

Hopefully this information will be helpful to you.

As always, feel free to ask me any questions as well. As long as it’s not about Lua Spy missions. They’re complicated as heck.


Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 45% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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