Mad Metal

Boo-yah! Picture by Gen. DeGroot.


Welcome to today’s episode of Mad Metal! As always, I’m your host aabicus. Other blog posts are trying to be your friend, but THIS one only wants to save you metal.

First on the agenda: botkillers. Yes, those chrome-packing strange reskins make another appearance on this program, as well as all over the place on the battlefield. I’m sure you’ve seen ’em as much as I have, dear viewers; every loadout from the Adam Smiths to the Ned Ludds have gold, diamond, and blood robo-heads waving around everywhere like the Dow Jones on a Friday night. MvM-farming and their rapidly-deflating price has made them the poster child of hipster bling babies from badlands to hydro.

As this graph clearly shows, the price of the botkillers and their supply are both immune to deadweight loss, which is great for traders like you hoping to make a little on the side.

So what do I recommend?


These are going to be back on top soon folks! You heard it here first! And here’s why: With the release of the new Two Cities tour, supply of the botkillers has dried up faster than Hoover Dam when the funding got cut. Sure, the high-tier traders are mucking about with Australiums, but everyone else is taking advantage of the price cuts, and you should take advantage of this increased demand while the price is low.

Next up on the agenda; Pre-Mannconomy cosmetics. Earbuds, Max heads, Bill’s Hats. Once emblems of wealth in the early days of our economy, but are they still?

My recommendation:


There are too many cosmetics these days for years-old low-polygon fobs like these tired gems to spark an interest in consumers! Anyone trading in them is blindly following the old ways, and will be in for a rude surprise as their investments keep losing value. Anything that made them special once (particle effects, allclass, obnoxiously lupine) has been replicated by cheaper and more readily available accessories. They’re old news! Drop ’em for keys and never look back! You won’t regret it!

Bill’s is doing better than most because its military-themed, but I suspect the Law is going to blow it out of the water soon.

Now, are you ready, skee-daddy? It’s the Lightning Round on aabicus’ Mad Metal!

Professional killstreaks: Dump em. That new crate’s got everyone scared of their future.

Team Fortress Classic: The new comic got people interested in it, but you’ll be lucky if anyone actually cares enough to go play it. Pass.

Weather unusual effects: Much like the weather, these are always changing. They’re coming out of a slump, so you missed the best chance to buy, but the window’s still open.

Strongbox cosmetics: The new strangifiers are taking off, and the post-release price hike is over. These have a future!

And that’s all the time we have for you today folks! Remember, there’s always a bull market out there, and I promise to try and find it just for you. Here on Mad Metal, we don’t care where the profit’s coming from, it’s where it’s going!

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