Alduin and Amputators – Medic in Skyrim part 8

This is it, ladies and gentlemen! This is the big one! After fighting my way through Skuldafn, I’m finally here in the Nord afterlife. Which makes no sense because I’m an Imperial (apparently) and I shouldn’t be here.

Before we continue, if you haven’t, you should read parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7

So it’s pretty here. Very pretty. I mean, just look at the sky. Shame about all the mist.


It’s misty and pretty. I bump into someone in the fog. A Stormcloak. Going on about how a giant dragon is going around eating people. Unfortunately, while walking from where you appear (on a misty hill) to where Tsun, the gatekeeper to Nordic heaven is, it seems as though Alduin was eating my screenshots as well. I looked everywhere for them, but they were destroyed by that foul wyrm.

I lead my Stormcloak friend to the halls of Asgard Shor and he waves to Tsun and heads inside, thanking me. Dunno what he did to deserve to be here. Oh well. Tsun looks at me though and says I can’t come in because I’m not dead. Fair enough. So he challenges me to a duel, which for some reason doesn’t last very long.

I actually remember on previous play-throughs that this battle took ages because of how tough Tsun was. My first play-through, Tsun was a harder fight than Alduin was!

Tsun is happy to have had a nice fight so he lets me in. I’m greeted by… the Nord who kicked the Elves out of Skyrim. Pleasure to meet you! I hate those Elven bastards! Can you come back and smite the Thalmor please? Aw, no? Oh well.


As far as I’m aware, those people are the people I saw when I used the Elder Scroll! Hey, it’s all gone full circle. Somewhat interesting.

Before I go and chat to them (since Alduin’s busy being a coward and hiding in his silly mist), I decide to have a look around. If it wasn’t for all the solid gold stuff, I wouldn’t be that impressed. Either I’ve got a problem with my mods or there’s something wrong because the floor has a habit of no longer existing.


This sweet roll must be the best sweet roll ever. It’s a sweet roll literally made in heaven. Of course I take it. Hopefully I’ll eat it and it’ll save me from death or something. Hopefully. Also, apparently these guys can’t go out there and fight Alduin because Shor told them to. That’s fine with me. More dragon souls for the rest of us.


I recruit the three heroes of old and we head back out across the bridge, where Alduin’s created even more damn mist. It’s getting old, Alduin. Do something more interesting. Of course, I’ve got Lok Vah Koor – Clear Skies on hand, so I can just shout and it all goes away. It takes a couple of tries, with Alduin shouting to make the mist come back again, like some sort of pantomime thing. Finally though it all clears.


I actually managed to get a screenshot mid-shout. Alduin gives up the dramatics and appears to face us like a real man! Um, I mean dragon. He comes down, says some random dragon stuff (I’m not fluent in dovahzul or whatever it’s called) and threatens to attack us from the air. Guess he won’t fight us like a man.


So there’s Alduin, circling ahead, roaring like a coward. I need to use Dragonrend to bring him down to earth? No. Skyrim? No. Oh yeah, Sovngarde. You know, this being in heaven thing is really messing with my head. The Stormcloak soldier who followed me around is firing arrows at it, so is the lovely lady hero from earlier. But Dragonrend is the only thing that grounds Alduin.


The other heroes all threaten Alduin, as if that’s going to make any difference.


Dragonrend does its work, Alduin is grounded. I decide to give him a fighting chance by using my Ubersaw and breathing fire at him. Alduin retaliates by doing the same.


While the others distract him, I start chopping at Alduin’s wing. It pisses him off big time, after all, he needs those to fly.

During this battle, I have a chance to actually use my Medi Gun. It heals my friends but not Alduin, because he really doesn’t need healing. We keep on hacking and slashing and Alduin just spits fire everywhere. Occasionally he’ll mix it up with ice breath, but it’s making no difference either way.

By the looks of it, I think we may have defeated him!


Ooh, sparkly. Reminds me of the first time my Kritzkrieg violently exploded. Alduin starts going all shiny and flails around in agony. Then his soul sort of drains away into the sky. You know what? I didn’t really want to absorb Alduin’s soul, he was a coward and the whole scenario would probably backfire on me somehow.


He’s dead, Jim.

The heroes of Sovngarde thank me. Couldn’t have done it without me, they all say. Eh, they probably could if they had a second Elder Scroll. Just exile him even further into the future. Don’t think he’s really dead, I mean, his soul just kinda flew into the sky and ran away.

Feel a bit downhearted, really.


I speak to the heroes. They all tell me how great I am.


While I’m at it, I can level up. I’d kinda forgotten to. Now I’m level 14 and still not really anything special. Also, further proof that I’m  an IMPERIAL, not a Nord. Maybe they’re the same thing? Never seemed like it. I decide to put my points in Archery, Restoration, Light Armour mostly, with a point in Lockpicking and Sneak to help level things out a bit. Back to reality.


Tsun also tells me how awesome I am. I don’t want to head home quite yet though. I take some nice photos of the place, including one of that beautiful sky. Tsun actually follows me around the entire time, making sure I don’t get into trouble.


Oh, and Tsun also gives me a shout. That’s awesome, I needed more shouts. This one will allow me to summon one of the three heroes I fought alongside earlier on Tamriel should I need them. I don’t really want to ever use this shout, these guys deserve their rest, but don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, right?

Tsun uses a special shout to send me back to the real world. I thank him and disappear, thinking that everything’s going to be good…


Well shit. That’s a lot of dragons.

But they’re not attacking me. They’re talking to me or each other or maybe both. Probably for the best, I’m not in the mood to kill any more of these guys.

They all realise Alduin is dead. They fear me. They don’t want to fight, they want to me to know that they respect what I’ve just done.


The dragons fly off one by one. Paarthurnax is also here. He wants a word with me. He’s sad too, since he’s just lost his dear brother.

But Paarthurnax has a plan. He wants the dragons to follow him now, rather than mindlessly following Alduin. I doubt they’ll listen. I don’t really have much to say, to be honest.


Thank you, Paarthy. Hopefully I won’t be forced to kill you. Go on, fly off, teach your brethren of your peaceful ways. Please. The Blades WILL want me to kill you if you stay.


Paarthurnax flies off for a bit, circling and roaring out the news that Alduin is dead. He then settles down on his perch for some meditation. I turn to leave, but Odahviing interrupts. He has some news for me too. I proved to him that I was better than Alduin. He new follows me.


I wish Odahviing good luck and decide to look down the mountain and think about what I’ve done. I’ve wandered all over Skyrim, gone everywhere apart from Markarth, joined up with the College of Winterhold and the Thieves Guild, met the Companions, seen both sides of the civil war, kindled my hatred for elves and, in the end, killed what many considered to be a god of some sort.

I’ve done so much. It’s been a pretty cool adventure, and I feel somewhat sentimental. This might be the last time that I feel the wind tugging at my lab coat. Or maybe I’ll stick around, find somewhere nice to live, something like that. Maybe you’ll make the decisions for me?


So what do I do now?




Also known as Doctor Retvik Von Schreibtviel, Medic writes 50% of all the articles on the Daily SPUF. A dedicated Medic main in Team Fortress 2 and an avid speedster in Warframe, Medic has the unique skill of writing 500 words about very little in a very short space of time.

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