How to Reach the Max’s Severed Head in trade_portal2_beta5


Check out that glorious display of health and ammo next to that high-tier cosmetic on the table. Want to show all your teammates this secret treat?

Whenever I play trade_portal2_beta5 (an increasingly common map on the trade servers I frequent) this is often my goal as I pass the time; to get a teleporter over there. Here’s how.

1. Build a sentry on the platform to the right of RED spawn. There’s a balance to this; the closer to the Wrangler-jumping corner, the easier Wrangler-jumping is. But if you build behind the wall, most of the map can’t see your sentry so getting it to lvl 3 is easier.

This spot was a good median in my experience.
This spot was a good median in my experience.

2. Wrangle jump around the corner. If you fail you’ll fall to your untimely death. It’s a tough jump, but you should be able to pull it off after a few tries. Keeping your sentry alive long is the challenging part.

One of my better jumps. Usually I end with like 8 health.
One of my better jumps. Usually I land with like 8 health.

3. Build a teleporter and show all your teammates! They’ll be thrilled you showed them such an ultra-secret spot laden with health and ammo. If any enemies attack them here, they’ll be ready!

Sadly, nobody is going to attack them because it’s really out-of-the-way and the only thing left to do is walk off an edge to your death so you can respawn. So you’re actually really just trolling your teammates by building this teleporter. You monster.

Another satisfied customer! Dear god I need to sleep.
Another satisfied customer! Dear god I need to sleep…

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